Communicating to affect change

I have over 20-years professional experience with preaching, teaching, and conducting seminars and retreats. I have spoken to audiences of various sizes, from small groups to assemblies of over 1000 people. My presentations are sincere and personal – straight from my heart to the heart of the audience. My goal is not just to inspire people to change, but also to present practical steps they can take which will lead to transformation. The following is a sample of groups and settings which I have addressed:

  • Marriage retreats and seminars
  • Men’s meetings and retreats
  • Church leadership meetings and retreats
  • Ministers’ meetings
  • Church services (preaching)

Some of my favorite topics include:

  • Loving Like Jesus (6 life-transforming principles for relationships)
  • Men & Friendships (the nuts-n-bolts of male bonding)
  • The #1 Killer of Relationships (what undermines our pursuit of intimacy)
  • Think Eternity (how an eternal perspective can change your life today)
  • God’s Outrageous Grace (how God’s grace far exceeds our own toward ourselves and others)

Some of these topics are designed as a single talk while others are designed as multiple talks (i.e., weekend retreat), but they can be modified for a single talk.  And I would consider speaking on any topic relevant to the need that is presented.

And you might want to consider .  . my wife, Rhonda, and I present The HEART of Marriage (5 core elements of a fulfilling marriage) in seminar, retreat, or one-day event formats.  To learn more about this opportunity, review our website at https://theheartofmarriage.com