“We appreciate all you have done for us.  We are doing much better thanks to you.  We know God sent us to you for a reason and with your guidance we are making great progress.” – a married couple reconciling after an affair

“I want to say thank you for helping me.  I have grown so much as an individual and in my relationship with God.  I could not have done this without you.” – a young adult female

“Thank you for all of your help in marriage counseling.  We both have a lot of work to still do individually and as a couple, but with the tools you’ve given us we feel hopeful we can continue to grow together.  Thank you for your time, expertise and kindness. We are very grateful!” – a young married couple seeking to strengthen their relationship

“Les is a good therapist!  I feel comfortable with him and he keeps things honest and real.” – an adult male

“All of our gratitude goes to you for being a God-send and getting us through such a challenging time to now being on the other side and welcoming our first baby – its nothing short of a miracle!” – a young married couple who were on the brink of divorce

“Les is very trustworthy and compassionate, yet truthful and forthright which is essential for redirecting my thinking and identifying blind spots.” – an adult female

“Thank you for your time, insightful handling of our issues, and your honesty.  We are relieved to no longer be at an impasse.” – a married couple