Finding new ways of living and relating

The Blue Hearts

One of the things that is most troubling to me is that too many people close their hearts to other people, to God, and even to themselves.  They “shut down.” And when this “disconnect” happens their relationships suffer or they find themselves simply existing and not really living.

Therefore, the central focus of my counseling is to help people connect (or reconnect) their hearts to significant people in their lives, to God, and to themselves.  I believe the role of counseling is to help people get to the heart of the matter:  to discover the source of their disconnect, to help them explore the patterns and habits that are keeping them from reaching their potential, and to find new ways of living and relating.  I am convinced that with God’s help a broken relationship can be restored, a dysfunctional family can be healthy, and hope can be renewed.  So I partner with God and my clients in facilitating the change they desire and to be a guide on the path toward healing and growth.

My passion is to facilitate restoration, renewal and healing in broken relationships, whether working with individuals, couples, or families.  I specialize in preparing individuals for marriage, strengthening and nurturing existing marriages, and helping couples through crisis situations (such as infidelity  or severe neglect of the relationship).   I have over three decades experience in equipping premarital and married couples with the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to enjoy a lifetime together.

Other Services Offered:
I also offer counseling services for other issues:

  • Grief and loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life-adjustment issues
  • Spiritual direction/formation

I am a Christian counselor, and what I mean by that is . . .

I present a God-centered approach to people’s needs, problems and solutions.  While I respect and honor differing beliefs and religious convictions of my clients, my approach to counseling is based on a Biblical worldview and integrates both Christianity and psychology.  I do not use my faith to judge and beat up hurting people.  Some of my clients feel it is important to know their counselor’s personal values, so if there is something else you’re curious about, just ask!

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