Facilitating transformation in pastors and church leadership teamsCCC Staff Retreat

For nearly 20 years, my career centered on providing pastoral and administrative leadership to churches. I have been a lead minister, youth minister, associate minister, church planter and executive minister (not all at once, of course!). And the churches I served were a variety of shapes and sizes: from stagnate to growing; from solo pastor to multi-staff; from an average attendance of 85 to 850; from rural to suburban.

My ministry experience involved training and overseeing volunteers, supervising pastoral and administrative staff, directing building maintenance and facility expansion projects, and managing million dollar budgets. Each of the churches I lead experienced an expansion and growth of services.

These past few years, through my involvement in the ministry of a local church, I have been gaining a new perspective of church leadership as someone outside of the core leadership circle.

I also have work experience in the marketplace. I was an executive manager for a small consulting firm and a sales consultant for one of the nation’s leading furniture retailers.

What I offer to pastors and church leaders is the ability to assess their personal development – and the health/growth of their churches – from a unique perspective and broad leadership experience.

Whether in ministry or in the marketplace, the question I was constantly asking myself – and those I was supervising – was: how can we be more efficient and effective with what we are trying to do? And that is the question I help pastors and church leaders answer in regards to their church’s mission and vision.

Care for Pastors
I believe the health of any church is largely dependent upon the health of its leaders. Too many pastors leave the ministry due to moral failure, spiritual burnout, or contention in their church. Other pastors are hurting from conflict in their marriages or family relationships. And studies show that a majority of pastors constantly fight depression. Having faced some of the highs and lows of full time ministry, I can empathize with a pastor’s personal struggles. Driven by a passion to encourage pastors to be who God has called them to be, I offer assistance with:

  • Self care (setting boundaries and prioritizing personal wellness)
  • Soul care (developing a God-centered self-esteem)
  • Spiritual formation (deepening a personal relationship with God)
  • Spiritual direction (processing personal decisions or career choices)

Pastoral Care Ministries within the Church
I believe soul-care can best be provided within a spiritual community, and the church can be a place where people can experience deep healing. That is why I offer consultation services to pastors and church leadership teams for the development of support groups, lay counseling programs, or other pastoral care ministries within the local church.

Church Leadership Teams
Some of the services I offer which are tailor-made for church leadership teams include:

  • Leadership development
  • Assessment of leadership and personality styles
  • Team-building
  • Conflict resolution and reconciliation
  • Strategic planning (core values, vision/mission, goals)
  • Church health analysis
  • Staff and program evaluations

The above services are offered through contractual agreement and can be conducted either as a personal, custom-made consultation or through seminars or retreats (please inquire about my most popular retreat/seminar topics).